USC Cinematic Arts

5D | The Future of Immersive Design is delighted to partner once more with FITC, this time in San Francisco, with the redoubtable Tali Krakowsky again leading a 5D distributed panel of distinguished guests: Jeremy Clark, Ben Fry, Jeremy Thorp and Theodore Watson.

Whether you’re a designer or programmer, your medium and business is in bytes and data. How we string those together and the infinite digital possibilities that lie ahead is the topic of this panel.

In the 20th Century, libraries and ink were the primary expression of the imagination in the form of storytelling. Today ink has been replaced by the kinetic abilities of the digital, the sentence has been replaced with the algorithm, and the library with a database. Nothing, however, replaces the imagination, and our 21st Century anthologies are free to roam our entire physical and virtual world.


  • Moderator:
    Tali Krakowsky
    Director, Experience Designer, Founder Apologue Studio
  • Panelist:
    Ben Fry
    Computational and Interactive Designer, Principal of Fathom
  • Panelist:
    Jer Thorp
    Jer Thorp Artist, Educator, Thinker, Co-Founder of The Office for Creative Research
  • Panelist:
    Theodore Watson
    Artist, Designer of Interactive Installations, Co-Founder of Design I/O Studio