USC Cinematic Arts


This panel contemplates the science and fiction of where virtual and material environments meet. The panelists will explore what happens to the experience of architectural form, volume, navigation, materials, urban context, authorship and the communities that they create when they are projected into a digital world. When architecture no longer has to be concerned with physical, financial and geographic constraints, it looks to filmmaking, storytelling and other forms of media for its limitations and context. Questions arise about visualization, aesthetics, vernacular, plasticity, audience and interaction. Narrating Space hopes to answer some of these and ask a lot more.


  • Moderator:
    Peter Frankfurt
    Creative Director, Executive Producer, Co-Founder of Imaginary Forces
  • Panelist:
    Joseph Kosinski
  • Panelist:
    Greg Lynn
    Architect, Founder GregLynn FORM Studio, Professor, Architecture and Urban Design, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Panelist:
    Evan Hirsch
    Founder, Engine Co. 4