USC Cinematic Arts


Steve Cronan, digital asset manager and creator of the OTC Digital Asset System, discusses the modern digital workfl ow and how software can be used to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and allow you to communicate easier with increased security. Steve has enhanced the production process on such films as The Matrix sequels, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Speed Racer, Watchmen, Australia, and Superman Returns.

  • The session demonstrates how centralizing all of a production’s information can ensure that no data needs to be entered or updated more than once. 

  • How can search tools allow any user to fi nd any asset they have access to, even without knowing anything about the other department? 

How to ensure no user accidentally uses an incorrect version or accesses anything
they’re not supposed to?

  • How you can give audio, visual and text feedback on any assets, even from home?

How to automate pipelines based on naming conventions and how open APIs can allow asset systems to communicate with each other and streamline the pipeline to vendors?

  • How to increase security through access controls, and automated watermarking of assets?

What is the future of Digital Asset Management and how will it be managed on a global scale?