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At its purest form, play is the freedom of action. New notions of play, facilitated by innovations in technology and emerging ideas about interactivity, offer intuitive connections between people, culture and the built world. How play can and does seep into design and culture, and whether it will entertain or exhaust us is the subject of this panel.


  • Panelist:
    Andrew Shoben
    Artist and Educator, Founder of Greyworld

    Andrew Shoben is the founder of greyworld, a world renowned artists' collective who create art in public spaces. His work finds expression through the mediums of installation, sculpture and multiples. His primary objective is to create public art that involves the human in an urban context. Greyworld has created works in some hugely coveted locations across the world and they now have permanent installations in twelve countries. In 2004 he launched "The Source", a permanent installation for the London Stock Exchange that opens the markets every morning. It was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is watched by millions everyday on television around the world.

  • Panelist:
    Frank Vitz
    Creative Director, Frostbite Development Team, DICE in Stockholm