USC Cinematic Arts

World building enables us to explore the complexity of our world, allowing us to explore the intricate relationships between the multiple elements of an ecosystem. In a collaborative exploration with around 50 filmmakers, we will try to comprehend the delicate weave between the future water crisis and the city of Bogota in 2035. We will try to understand the effects on culture, politics, social dynamics, poverty, architecture and media, on one of the cities considered to be hit first by the effects of climate change and water scarcity. The Wbi is dedicated to redefining the capability of design and narrative to comprehend and construct our world.

50 participants / 1 Day workshop


  • Facilitator:
    Trisha Williams
    Chief Creative Officer, Pigeon Hole Productions
  • Facilitator:
    Juan DiazB
    European Director World Building Institute; Creative Director Kosmology; Director, Writer, Narrative Designer