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The world-building approach to production encourages a flow of creative ideas and work back and forth between departments. But this creates a scheduling challenge.  How do you plan to ramp up a crew of hundreds to hit peak flow of inventory if you abandon the understood model of linear deadlines?

The CTO of Imageworks presents a look at unpicking a standard turnover schedule, while VFX Sups and Producers from Disney, Dreamworks, and Aardman react to the aspirations of the front-end panel and discuss how far it is possible to rethink process, schedule and budget, so that virtual production can be harnessed into a plannable process that delivers a movie.


  • Panelist:
    Rob Bredow
    CTO, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Panelist:
    Doug Ikeler
    VFX Supervisor
  • Panelist:
    Doug Cooper
    Visual Effects Supervisor, Dreamworks Animation
  • Panelist:
    Tom Jacomb
    Managing Director, Feature Animation, Double Negative
  • Panelist:
    Carla Shelley
    Head of Production, Aardman