USC Cinematic Arts

While photographic and cinematographic images increasingly resemble computer generated ones and computer images asymptotically approach "photorealism," the line between "real" and "virtual" seems blurrier than ever. But image perception is only as important as the content it represents. This theme is not meant as an invitation to revisit well-worn ‘video vs. film’ or ‘analogue vs. digital’ debates, but to catalyze a discussion of the realities of Science as revealed in Fiction and the perceived realities of Science as a result of Fiction. At stake is our fundamental relation to reality and the ease with which data spaces increasingly serve as flexible and evocative narrative spaces.


  • Facilitator:
    Henry Jenkins
    Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, Cinematic Arts, and Education USC, Transmedia Scholar
  • Participant:
    Alejandro Lopez
    Founder and Chief Creative, Awake Connected Entertainment
  • Participant:
    Amy Mainzer
  • Participant:
    Ben Stokes
    Director, Animator, Composer, Visual Artist and Producer,
  • Participant:
    Terry West
    Director, Research Workspace Futures at Steelcase Inc.
  • Participant:
    Sean Brennan
  • Participant:
    Jim Lemley
    Motion Picture and Television Producer
  • Participant:
    Sarah Jane Pell
    Artist, Researcher, Diver
  • Participant:
    Neil Leach
    Architectural Theorist. Professor, European Graduate School. Visiting Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
  • Participant:
    John Underkoffler
    Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Oblong Industries
  • Participant:
    Marcus Nance
  • Participant:
    Alexei Tylevich
    Director, Producer, Creative Director, Founder of LOGAN / Logan & Sons