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The year has seen hugely successful films such as Lego partnering a Front End creative company with a Back-End pipeline grown from a VFX company. What are the differences between VFX and animation production, and does Virtual Production closing the gaps between all types of film-making? Can an integrated production approach cross a divide between different front end and back end companies?

VFX Sups from major VFX pipelines who’ve moved into animation discuss the transition, and Reel FX’s business manager talks about the tools they’ve developed to transform the client-vendor relationship and create a single film-making team. What are the points of tension and how do you manage them?


  • Panelist:
    Chuck Peil
    Head of Business Development/Strategic Partnerships, Reel FX
  • Panelist:
    Doug Ikeler
    VFX Supervisor
  • Panelist:
    Rob Bredow
    CTO, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Panelist:
    John Knoll
    Chief Creative Officer / Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic