USC Cinematic Arts

Stories are created as an invitation for people to surpass the boundaries of the known. But for its creators to be guides in the deep corners of our imagination within narrative worlds, they must become the first inhabitants of these new worlds.

This years's panel event brings together Alex McDowell, co-director of the 5D Institute and production designer (Fight Club, Minority Report), with Habib Zargarpour, Senior Art Director of Microsoft Games, production designer Jim Bissell (E.T, 300), and German architect Juergen Mayer H. Moderated by Andrew Shoben (founder of art practice pranksters Greyworld), the group will discuss their methods for the development and creation of holistic story worlds and spaces in both reality and film, revealing how the advancement of technology and media tools allow creators to redefine the possible.



  • Moderator:
    Andrew Shoben
    Artist and Educator, Founder of Greyworld
  • Panelist:
    Habib Zargarpour
    Creative Director, Microsoft Game Studios
  • Panelist:
    Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute
  • Panelist:
    Jim Bissell
    Production Designer
  • Panelist:
    Jürgen Mayer H.
    Architect, Artist, J. Mayer H.