USC Cinematic Arts

Juan DiazB is the Creative Director of Kosmology a development and production company for multi-platform narratives, based between Bogota and Berlin, specialized in world building. The company is developing several projects, including feature films, tv series and transmedia projects around highly relevant social subjects, among which Torpor, Bitterness, Devils Breath and the future reality multi-platform narratives Origen and Synchro.

DiazB is the European Director of the WorldBuilding Institute. In 2008 became part of the WBI, and together with Alex McDowell director of the World Building Institute, has curated 6 editions of the Worldbuilding Studio, a joint effort between WBI and the Berlinale Talents. He has been also curator and speaker at FMX, one of the most important, design and innovation conference in Europe as well as in other events in Europe, Bogota and the U.S.

Either designing, directing or developing he has approached his work as a weave of visions that interlaces during the process of creation.  In 2008 he was awarded as designer and writer with “RojoRed” the story of a boy that discovers the net of reality, that was in more than a 100 festivals and won over 30 awards, and with Catapixia, a photographic and Illustrated Book project, won the jury price in the FBA 2008. He was invited as a designer for the Berlinale Talent Campus 2007 and in 2009 won one of the BTA production grants as Writer-Director with BY NIGHT a love story between dimensions, that was in the Berlinale 2010 and in several festivals around the world.  In 2013 he won the script development fund of the FDC for his thriller / drama Torpor and in 2015 his feature Bitterness was in the final round of the Sundance writers Lab. He is also Transmedia Designer of the awarded MON AMOUR Hip Hop Transmedia format, that won Best Transmedia project in Latinamerica and just recently was awarded with the most important funding grant from the FDC in Colombia.

While developing his projects he is actively engange in the WBI continuous research to develope new world building creation and production processes and narrative tools, in collaboration with some of the most disruptive minds in narrative media.