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As an event partner in this important gathering, 5D is excited to announce to our community the third annual Produced By conference, and a special offer to attend.

The Produced By conference is an important focus of the new discussion of virtual production and transmedia methodology. 5D is pleased to offer our network the special rates available to selected industry groups. Attend the conference and bring your design, visual development, virtual production, and cross-media discussions directly to the producers!


June 3–5, 2011

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) in association with the Association of Film Commissioners Int'l (AFCI) will hold the third annual PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE, June 3–5, 2011, at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. This is the first time Disney has hosted a conference on their lot, one of the most beautiful around!

For one weekend only, learn from the greatest producers in film, television and digital media. Session sign-up has begun and they fill up fast!


Tentpole Production, the Evolving Role of the Producer, Global Finance and Producing the Micro-Budget Feature. You can also attend a "Conversation" with Mark Gordon and Harvey Weinstein, Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary, or ABC Showrunners.

Plus, for the first time ever...you can meet more than 300 film commissions from 40 countries with $2 Billion in financing, development funds and tax incentives. If you have a project ready to get off the ground, the Produced By Conference is the most valuable conference you may attend all year!

Enjoy incomparable networking opportunities as you'll have access to the best and brightest in the filmmaking community.


Here are a few examples of sessions that may
be of particular interest to the 5D community:


Beginning 9:30am Sunday, June 5

Social media outlets are now an essential component of a project's overall production plan. Even if you're a low-budget indie that doesn't have millions for traditional P&A, you can now build a strong target audience through savvy use of social media sites and tools. Whether your project is a traditional feature or television program, or expressly created for digital media, this session gives you the answers: What do producers need to know and do when navigating social media for production, marketing and distribution? What are the best social practices for film, television and online? Most importantly, what methods give producers more control, and what approaches should you avoid?


Beginning 9:30am Sunday, June 5

You've heard all the recent hype about new "cloud computing" technologies. The fact is, these new technologies will have a profound impact on the way films and TV shows are produced. So, what is the cloud? How is it poised to transform your production and post-production process? During this session, the producer of Inside the Actors Studio will describe how he completely re-imagined his show's production process by moving it into the cloud, while Scenios CEO Mark Davis will describe how new cloud computing technologies will upend the world of production as we know it. This session features real-time demos and practical tips for how you can gain your next edge as a producer using these powerful new tools.


Beginning 2pm Sunday, June 5

Digital cinema is no longer the "wave of the future"—it's here, and its impact is being felt across all parts of the entertainment ecosystem. Produced By 2011 is proud to present this in-depth discussion addressing everything from the overall entertainment model and windowing rights, to partnering with exhibitors and the impact of theatrical marketing innovations like 3D and live events. Hear directly from studio chiefs, exhibition leaders, agents, producers and entrepreneurs how they are addressing the game-changing innovations revolutionizing our business.

The Produced By conference SOLD OUT last year, so sign up today!

Special rates are available to members of select affiliate guilds, organizations and industry colleagues. For Conference details and registration, visit www.producedbyconference.com and click Register Now.

5D network: use the ADG category to secure the favorable rate.


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