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This month, dive in and explore the growing network of 5D partner events that highlight the central role that 5D and its partners are playing in the rapidly changing landscape of our narrative media industries. In the past two years 5D has collaborated with, and curated, many international panels, tracks, and events with the participation of over 100 esteemed thought leaders, and a combined audience of over 5000 people.

The 5Distributed conference is a continuous event, playing out in global discussions, panels, workshops, in academia, industry-wide and across media, all threading through these partner events. It acknowledges that the audience's participation in this discussion is a key factor for change, the vital importance of experiential education, and that interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge is forming the basis of a new shared language for world building and visual storytelling.

2011 Netherlands Film Festival

Utrecht, September 21–30, 2011

5D is pleased to announce an important partner event in Holland, the Netherlands Film Festival, September 21-30, 2011.

The world of narrative media is under the influence of huge changes through new digital and virtual media developments. That's why the 2011 annual Netherlands Film Festival is focused this year on New Media in different forms.

On September 24th, 2011 a Craftspecial day for film professionals will focus on the influence of new technologies in the role of the production designer and in turn on the virtual design process. The Keynote speaker is British production designer and 5D Associate Andy Nicholson (Gravity, Alice) who will speak on Immersive Design and the Worldbuilding process as a spine of virtual production.

NFF 2011 Craftspecial on Production Design | 5D keynote

September 24, 2011

Traditionally, during this festival, professionals and public gather to watch all Dutch films made in the past year. But this year the professionals also come together to discuss new developments and the influence of new media on storytelling. One of the ways the Festival focuses on these developments is through the website it has launched www.beeldenstormonline.nl which is an online platform dedicated to the moving image in all its forms.

It is an annual custom that the Festival focuses each year on a different department within the film production process. For 2011, the focus is on Production Design. Via images on the street and introductions prior to screenings the public will become acquainted with the work of the production designer.

The Craftspecial day (Sep 24th, 2011) will focus on the influence of new technologies, on the role of the production designer and the film production process. Different panels will look at this each from their own unique point of view. One panel will consist of Dutch directors of photography, one panel will consist of Dutch visual effects supervisors and then 5D's Andy Nicholson will give a Keynote presentation on 5D Immersive Design and the Worldbuilding process for Virtual Production. This will be followed by a discussion with former panelists about the possibilities of Immersive Design for the Netherlands media industries. This proposes to be an informative day for Dutch production designers and give them insight into the deep potential of new digital and virtual processes.

Andy Nicholson
Andy Nicholson

Andy Nicholson has just completed working in London as the Production Designer on "Gravity," the Warner Brothers 3D space suspense film written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Gravity is a ground breaking venture, setting new standards for the integration of Visual Effects and Digital Technology, alongside traditional film design and technique. Over his career Andy has collaborated with many top Motion Picture Production Designers and Directors on projects as diverse as Band of Brothers,The Mummy, Sleepy Hollow, Spy Game, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,The Bourne Ultimatum, Sexy Beast, The Wolfman and Alice in Wonderland. Andy closely follows the development of technology and software, continually pushing the use of 3D modeling and CAD within film art departments and actively seeks to assimilate digital technology with traditional design workflows, integrating all disciplines that help to bring the written word to the screen.

"[Gravity is] absolutely pushing a new boundary in filmmaking, completely mindblowing. And the way they're making that movie will, I think, forever change certain types of productions"

— Guillermo Del Toro

Article Written by Romke Faber, production designer: cell leader 5DNL.

2011 View Conference

Turin, Italy — October 25–28, 2011

5D is proud to be a supporter and friend of the upcoming VIEW conference in Turin, Italy from October 25–28, 2011. VIEW is the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming and VFX.

This year's Conference features three award-winning keynote speakers and an amazing array of international guests that includes 5D Founder Member Tom Wujec, Superbrothers, 5D founder member David Cohen of Variety, Glenn Entis, Scott Farrar, and many more, and a dynamic set of themes that encapsulate the immersive interdisciplinary discussion. VIEW is also excited to be the home of the Italian premiere of Disney/Pixar's "La Luna" at sister festival VIEWFest.

For more information on the festival and a full list of speakers check out the VIEW site, and go to the event! It's important! Your future career hangs on the conversations being played out at these events.

View Conference Speakers

Keynote speakers


Director of Photography/Lighting Pixar Animation Studios


Science fiction novelist, blogger, and technology activist


Multiple Academy-Award winning director of sound design for Skywalker Sound

More speakers here

5Distributed Conference

our unique network of event partners

For the past three years 5D has been developing relationships with narrative design and cross-media conferences and events around the world. Although varied by location, these event partners all share a common goal to of promote, celebrate, and push the boundaries in the areas of immersive design, transmedia narrative, and worldbuilding. 5D is honored to be a continuous supporter and contributor of these conversations which include some of the most exciting designers, artists, educators, technologists, philosophers, scientists, makers and audiences in the world.

5D has recently updated our website to include an event partners page where you are invited to discover, participate and get immersed in these organizations and what they have to offer. Follow 5D's participation in these events on our website and in 5D News.

Netherlands Film Festival View Conference 2011

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