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5D is delighted to announce an important Partner Event


MIT, Cambridge, Massachussetts
November 11–12, 2011


"...world building (is) a core transmedia principle...as world building becomes central to the structure of many media narratives, the designer contributes more and more visual data which shapes our perception of/understanding of the world of the story..."
— Henry Jenkins, 2011

Founded in 2006 by Henry Jenkins, FUTURES OF ENTERTAINMENT brings together media scholars and media/marketing practitioners to talk about the key issues driving change in the entertainment world.

Over the last five years, Future of Entertainment has featured speakers from Yochai Benkler and Danah Boyd to Caterina Fake and Alex McDowell. A group of 50+ FoE Fellows has been built, who help organize, plan, and brainstorm the conference, which has built a community around the event itself. (FoE is sister event to Transmedia Hollywood.)

In 2006, virtual worlds and user-generated content were discussed. In 2007, the discussion was about audience labor and mobile media. In 2008, FoE talked about social media and global flows, and In 2009 the discussion was about listening to audiences and transmedia storytelling.

This year, the expert speakers will focus on modes of audience/producer collaboration, the audience's role in circulating content, the use of location and data in storytelling, nonfiction storytelling, and the privacy issues that arise with these topics.

Amongst the members of the 5D community who will be in attendance this year, are 5D founder member Henry Jenkins and 5D Institute's executive director Nelson Gayton. Like 5D, FoE brings together an interdisciplinary mix of people from various industries, both practitioners and academics, to collaboratively discuss where we are and where we are headed.

For more information:
Event program
Full list of speakers


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