5D presents FLUX!

The 5D Institute is excited to announce the first in a series of 5D Discussions.


Digital design & World Building in the narrative media landscape

Presented by 5D | Institute in association with the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Autodesk



The Ray Stark Family Theater, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles



7 pm to 10 pm, March 13, 14, 15, 2012



Alex McDowell (5D Creative Director), Peggy Weil (Adjunct Professor, USC/SCA), François Audouy (5D Founding Committee).



A series of three integrated panel discussions and presentations, spanning three evenings. Each night will focus on an aspect of world-building by blending case studies on digital design process and outcome, with active discussion, for an interactive and informative conversation.

This design summit will address the changing role of the designer and maker in narrative media and the new approach to visual storytelling through the discussion of evolutionary World Building and Virtual Production techniques.

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Day 1 / Tuesday


INCEPTION | imagining and developing the world

Day 2 / Wednesday


PROTOTYPING | testing the story space and visualizing the world

Day 3 / Thursday


MANUFACTURING & FINISHING | building and experiencing the world

Tickets will go fast!
Get your tickets from Eventbrite. Presenters, moderators and panelists for each evening will be listed on the 5D website, check for updates as our illustrious participants come on board!


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