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No Boundaries. No Borders.
New Worlds.

Berlinale Talents 2019


There is no more science fiction. Everything we can imagine will exist, and the power of combining knowledge with imagination will manifest deliberate change, now and in the future.

For the past decade, at the Berlin International Film Festival, the World Building Institute has presented its unique gathering of Berlinale Talents and international domain experts. We have developed and provoked human narratives within holistic worlds and stimulated evolutionary Futures.

This year for the first time at the Berlinale a powerful group of interdisciplinary experts and some of the best young storytellers in the world will collaborate to rewrite the Past, prototype new narratives for the Now, and envision alternate histories for the Future.

Societal decisions shaped history. Our past choices produced our present and molded the reality in which we live. Each deviation, failure and error in the past have transformed the flow of events into the layers of history we know today.

On February 11th 2019, this 2-day kalaka will gather to explore the past and the interwoven nature of the political climate, migratory dynamics, environmental conditions and lifestyle to understand the pathways to present realities. Using the universal microcosm of the Street Corner we will enter and challenge the diverse human worlds of the displaced and the dispossessed.

This workshop is an invitation-only event and runs from February 11-13th. A public session will take place on February 11th. Tickets: Berlinale Talents Event.

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No Boundaries. No Borders.
New Worlds.