USC Cinematic Arts

5D is delighted to announce the 6th annual Digital Storytelling seminar “World Building in a Digital Universe,” in Oslo, Norway on April 13 – 15, 2011.

Digital Storytelling is presented in association with The Norwegian Film Industry, and directed and curated by 5D Founder Member Kim Baumann Larsen, Angela Amoroso, and Eric Hanson.

This year’s keynote is presented by 5D Founder Member Paul Debevec.

“Digital Storytelling: World Building in a Digital Universe” is the sixth annual seminar on the creative use of technology in film, television and games, focusing on how visual effects and digital set design are used to advance storytelling and world building in feature film, television and games. Speakers from the Norwegian, Nordic and International film and games community gather in Oslo to present their work.


  • Curator:
    Kim Baumann Larsen
    Architect, Creative Director; Co-founder and Co-director, Digital Storytelling.
  • Curator:
    Eric Hanson
    Visual Effects Artist, Creative Director and Partner, xRez Studio, Inc.
  • Speaker:
    Paul Debevec
    Associate Director of Graphics Research at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies