USC Cinematic Arts

The Rilao Project imagines the complex outcomes of a rich mash-up of the DNA of multiple cities to create a world of unique historical, political, social narratives.

This is world building in action. Feedback: collaborative, real time, immersive, spontaneous, and loud.

5D Institute—for its annual live multimedia event— will this year focus on the possibilities of applying this multi-disciplinary, multi-platform practice to a new form of music club—CLUB CIRCULO—and music— THE SOUND OF RILAO.

Imagine a room where the stage dissolves into the crowd floor, where architectural sound immerses both performers and audience. A cutting edge, technology-infused mash–up of LA House, electro-funk, and Brazilian roots. THIS IS THE SOUND OF RILAO.

Sound spontaneously erupt out of the crowd. Who is performer and who is audience? The musicians play with live instruments and technology, but their performance is constantly modified by interaction by the crowd and their ability to capture audience sounds, modify, and loop them back in real time gives the stage and the crowd a single voice. This is the new sound of RILAO and CIRCULO.

Beams of light are choreographed in real time by the crowd’s gestures and dance movements, as their motion directly models and changes the spatialized sound and image mapping.

CLUB CIRCULO is an experience from the Rilaoan Immersive Musical Universe. Co-created by the 5D Institute, [namethemachine], LA’s premiere music/tech designers, and the legendary Glen Matlock.