USC Cinematic Arts

In 1968, the visionary thinker and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller proposed that humans think of the world as a wondrous spaceship, a shared vehicle with finite and regenerative resources meant to last for eternity.

This year the students of the USC World Building Media Lab and the IML 575 class have undertaken the challenge to imagine a ‘Spaceship Fuller’, following Fuller’s principles. This world has been designed from its inception as a shared fictional vehicle to experiment, inform, and write the “missing manual” for the inhabitants of Spaceship Earth.

Our population starts with an invitation to the Kids of Earth.

Join us on May 4th to welcome the new recruits to Spaceship Fuller and experience a mobile space colony! Explore Spaceship Fuller’s history in our freshly-minted museum and learn more about the design process and research that brought this vessel to life.  Finally, see the spaceship itself in virtual reality as you help us answer new questions that have arisen since launch.  We invite you as explorers and fellow innovators to come see what Spaceship Fuller has to offer, and perhaps leave your mark on this new world along the way!

Teens and kids welcome!