USC Cinematic Arts

Little Paw Gray is a youth ambassador for the Wold Building Institute.

Little Paw is interested in the sport of boxing, engineering, gamer programs and computers – computer science, reading, movies that use stop-motion animation, any kind of Japanese or Japanese-inspired anime and building Gundam.

Little Paw is extremely proud to be part of the World Building Institute workshops. He lives in San Diego with his 4 other siblings and his 7 month old puppy, Mufasa. He also attends home-school via Connections Academy taught by his father and mother. His favorite subjects are Social Studies and Science although he does enjoy reading stories about mythical beings from far away universe as well. Since his first workshop with 5D Institute in 2013, he became more interested in problem solving for the world and thinking about the many scenarios from world building, and creating narrative stories. Recently he had begun to create his own alien world that also needs to rely on its inhabitants ingenuity in solving the problem of planetary extinction.

Aaron Little Paw was born in November 2003.