USC Cinematic Arts

Andrew McGregor is CEO and Co-Founder of SymbioBotics, a company that invents robots that help solve humanitarian problems through innovative cooperation between organizations, collaborative STEAM education, and human rights advocacy. In addition to this, he is a Co-Founder of The Skid Row Bureau, which is a multimedia news platform and mentorship initiative that trains and features business journalism produced by homeless youth living in Los Angeles' Skid Row. His background that led to this came from founding The Tiziano Project that taught citizen and community journalism to people living in conflict zones and difficult parts of the world with a personal focus on East and Central Africa.

He is also the North American Chessboxing Champion and Founder and King of the LA Chessboxing Club, Co-Founder and CEO of Graphation Comics, Co-Founder of the philanthropic bar GOODBar; and a writer, director, filmmaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and photojournalist.

He has a B.A. in Philosophy from Connecticut College and a Master’s in screenplay writing from USC.