USC Cinematic Arts

Aroussiak Gabrielian is an architectural and landscape architectural designer with a background in visual arts. Her work focuses on the intersection of new cinematic media and the design of the built environment.

She is involved in various design projects as co-founder and director of foreground design agency, a transdisciplinary practice operating between the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, and the visual arts.  As part of foreground, she explores the role of representation as an active agent in the design process and develops new ways of reading and visualizing the spatial, situational, temporal, and tactile phenomena of landscape to interpret and structure sites.

Prior to initiating her own practice, Aroussiak worked as a lead designer at Snøhetta in New York City on various architectural and landscape architectural projects including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Expansion and the Guadalajara Museum of Environmental Science.  Aroussiak’s work has been recognized through various design awards, publications, and exhibits. She has practiced architecture and landscape architecture internationally and has taught at University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, and University of Southern California.

She is an Annenberg Fellow at USC, currently pursuing her Doctorate at the School of Cinematic Arts in the interdivisional Media Arts + Practice program.