USC Cinematic Arts

A native to Southern California, Brent graduated from UCLA's Aerospace Engineering program in 2005 and has spent the last decade developing simulations for various aerospace and defense companies, with a heavy focus on R&D and creating innovative concepts.  Currently, Brent leads a small modeling and simulation team at Northrop Grumman, developing virtual alternatives to real world testing.  Brent's interest in simulation has driven an investigation of expanding virtual and gaming technologies to solve complex problems by improving user understanding.  Brent has applied these techniques to multiple commercial, defense, and international applications, recently receiving his first patent for a Fuel Delivery Cost Estimation System. 

Through interaction with the World Building Institute, Brent has seen the very real crossover in art, entertainment, business, and engineering, with the importance in each of defining an underlying story.  It is this idea, merged with the approach of using limitless virtual world modeling, that Brent has adopted to explore ways to lay a foundation for new technology development.  He is honored to be connected to such a diverse group of talent within the WBI and welcomes the opportunity for collaboration.