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As Cogapp’s Head of New Technology, Joe often works on projects that fall outside the domain of traditional web development. He experiments with emerging technologies the company may wish to utilise in future work, with current interests including mobile computing, multi-touch interfaces, hardware hacking and Javascript web app frameworks. Joe is experienced in many programming languages and environments including Python, Objective-C, Javascript and OpenGL

Joe works closely with the Design department at Cogapp and has achieved success in some of the most challenging and innovative projects Cogapp has seen through in recent times. These include an audio based online exhibition for the ICA, a series of iPad based interactive publications for Dorling Kindersley, a software and operating system setup for Land Rover utilising GPS technology, and the development of the technical framework and platform for nine synchronized interactive kiosks for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Joe took a lead role on the Prudential Eye, another ambitious project, completed in late 2007. He was responsible for all the technical architecture and engine building, enabling four projectors to seamlessly merge separate projections into one ultra-widescreen moving image on a large custom built piece of Holopro glass.

Previous to joining Cogapp, Joe spent 4 years working as Head of Design for Thirsty Fish, a company that provided web solutions to high profile charities such as the PDSA, Christian Aid and Cancer Research. He has a BA in Visual Communication Design from Middlesex, and the majority of his programming skills are self taught.