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After graduating with an MA in Human Sciences from Oxford University he entered the videogames industry, where he honed his audio, visual and production skills making award-winning games and earning a BAFTA nomination for his interactive audio work. In 2002, he moved on to co-create and direct his own BBC animation series, during which time he founded The Sancho Plan - a collaboration of writers, musicians, animators, designers and programmers focused on creating live interactive audiovisual experiences. Fusing animation, music, gaming, technology and performance, The Sancho Plan’s interactive adventures have since been shown in cinemas, theatres, clubs, festivals and on television and computers screens around the world.

In 2010 Ed became Olympics Project Director at Crystal CG, the Official Digital Imaging Services Supplier for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Having lead the teams that delivered the Games’ digital content, including all of the Audience Pixels content of the Opening and Closing ceremonies, he is currently engaged in preparing new immersive digital experiences for future event & brand spectaculars.

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