USC Cinematic Arts

Michael is a “systems analyst who draws”, so he can who converts a Subject Matter Expert's verbal "data-dump" into some kind of understandable picture.  He specializes in the support of alternative thinking skills (right side of the brain stuff, like “synthesis” and visualization), and in this capacity, provides adjunct support to engineering. 

He’s been a Boeing Commercial Airplane Company employee since 1991, currently working out of Everett Washington.

Primarily known for drawing on the walls in design sessions, and for more carefully constructed (large and "cartoony) multivariate data displays (a fancy word for complicated models and knowledge maps).

These models and maps depict big vision ideas, concepts of operation m, dynamic system models (causal loop diagrams), process roadmaps and story boards, he employs the "Visual Practitioner" concept to graphically facilitate "in-process" thinking which he describes as “helping people see what they say, and to understand what they know”...

“I was hired because I could draw”, he says, and is able to extract clear ideas and concepts from technical experts from across a broad span of technical disciplines, projects and business units.

Michael is otherwise a self taught technical generalist, (with a lot of credit going to good mentors and managers who helped along the way) having strong facilitative skills, a collaborative orientation and an enthusiasm for technology.