USC Cinematic Arts

Ziah studied Computer Science and Cinema Production at the University of Southern California, where she graduated in 2000, earning two degrees. Ziah then briefly served as a Technical Assistant at Industrial Light & Magic in San Rafael, CA before joining Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA as a Technical Director in 2001.

Ziah worked across several departments while at Pixar, including Character Rigging, Cloth modeling and simulation, Lighting, Shading, Layout, and Crowds Animation. She worked on Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and the short film Boundin’ as a Lighting technical director. Ziah then served as the crowds supervisor for Cars, Ratatouille, and Wall-E.

Ziah left Pixar Animation Studios in October, 2008 and moved to London, where she worked as the crowds supervisor on the film Angels & Demons at Double Negative Visual Effects Studio. She then became the Layout and Animation Pipeline supervisor on John Carter.

Ziah left Double Negative in December 2010 and took a role as the Lighting & Composition Supervisor on the animated feature-length film Metegol in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which hasn't yet been released.