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Frank Moss is managing partner of Strategic Software Ventures, LLC, and a part-time professor of the practice at the MIT Media Lab, where he heads the New Media Medicine group. He has spent his career developing innovative technologies and bringing them to market. He was director of the MIT Media Lab from 2006-2011, where he held the Jerome Wiesner Professorship of Media Technology, and before that he had a 30-year career as an entrepreneur in the software and computer industries. Moss served as CEO and chairman of Tivoli Systems Inc., a pioneer in distributed systems management, which he took public in 1995 and subsequently merged with IBM in 1996. He co-founded several other companies including Stellar Computer, Inc., a developer of graphic supercomputers, Bowstreet, Inc., a pioneer in the emerging field of web services, which was also acquired by IBM, and Infinity Pharmaceuticals, an early stage cancer drug discovery company (NASDAQ: INFI). Moss holds a BSE from Princeton University in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences and a PhD from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He serves on the board of trustees of Princeton.