USC Cinematic Arts

Heather Barker engages in strategic design and project delivery from the urban to the haptic. At the core of her work, Strategic development, design methodology and experience design (UX/XD), every experience is interactive and a complete solution demands the integration of human media and technology.  Appreciating that the most productive path to innovation relies on a synthesis of practice, research, experience and theory; ROAM.STUDIO provides a forum for design research as well as conceptual and theoretical experiment. In practice and in scholarly work, Heather explores issues of systems, methods, complexity and sustainability in design, architecture, urbanism, and strategy. Her philosophical and design approach draw on the semiotic evolution of the image in social media and the intelligences of making and process. Current work includes design and construction of participatory spaces and parametric meaning research. Heather Barker practices and teaches both in the US and in Munich Germany.