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Hillary Manalac has reported the news in San Diego and Washington D.C.. She has appeared on CNN and UT-TV before turning 22. At 23 she co-founded Clever Talks and was recognized as an industry leader in entrepreneurship.

From editing, videography, web design, print design, journalism and more, her slogan is “I will never ask someone to do something that I haven’t done myself.”

Hillary graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in in Public Health, and has revitalized businesses in the restaurant, fitness, and wellness industry. She currently runs a Public Relations company called, “LA VIE EN PR” - an agency that creates the “LA VIE EN” — “Life in” different brands to provide public relations. Hillary also runs a nonprofit called Clever Talks —— a conference that features empowering military troops making a difference in the world. Her passion is to make an impact in people’s lives and build a community.