USC Cinematic Arts

Jeffrey Wisniewski, Art Director, is among the pioneers in developing a workflow for virtual production beginning on James Cameron’s Avatar. Other Virtual Art Department (VAD) credits include The Adventures of Tintin and Real Steel.

As a sculptor Jeffrey Wisniewski is known for dismantling an American colonial home and feeding it into a woodchipper, piece by piece, somewhat in the spirit of celebrated house-cutting artist Gordon Matta-Clark. He is also an art director for Steven Spielberg's new film The Adventures of Tintin and was assistant art director of Avatar.

Wisniewski's current work at Patrick Painter Inc blazes a pioneering path for the art world into motion capture-video, and blends the boundaries of what is art, what is video art, and what is commercial short-subject film. He enlisted Giant Studios, which worked on Avatar, to do the motion capture -- a process in which an actor's movements are digitally recorded and then converted into animation.