USC Cinematic Arts

Born UK, 1945, Terry now lives in London and Wales. He founded i-D in 1980 and continues to work with his wife Tricia and a growing biological and creative family. He began his career in fashion as Art Director of Vanity Fair and British Vogue in the early ‘70s. He then started his own studio Instant Design after leaving Vogue in 1977 and continued working as a Creative Consultant and Art Director for numerous books, exhibitions, magazines, advertising and television projects. Terry has also curated and designed the travelling Smilei-D and i-Dentity exhibitions, celebrating i-D's rich history and taking place in cities such as Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris and Tokyo. With Tricia as curator, Terry also designs the travelling SOUL i-D exhibition, most recently held in Beijing in October 2012. Terry continues as Editor in Chief and Creative Director of i-D and he and Tricia continue to work together at the magazine and on other life projects.