USC Cinematic Arts

Jorge Izquierdo studied Political Science & Public Administration in Monterrey, México. His experience started in 1999 as project manager & event organizer for cultural, sport and corporate events in Mexico City, Guadalajara & Monterrey. He came for the first time to Tijuana to help organize along with great entrepreneurs, their first event Tijuana Innovadora 2010. This event showed him the diverse and complex culture, mixed with industrial and innovative potential Tijuana offers to the region; granting him a clear perspective on how to develop the main concept of promoting the city’s assets and help change everyone’s perspective about Tijuana. The experience made him try his luck and began his own consulting agency “Consulta ONE”, starting a new endeavor for the Tijuana -San Diego frontier. In 2016 he is given the chance to be part of a team to help promote and develop commercial & marketing strategies for Baja California Railroad and its new bi national project “The Desert Line”. This project will make cargo & logistics much more efficient between both nations, promoting new business relations and competitiveness for the entire region, bringing people together united by common goals.