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Lincoln Wallen is Head of Technology for DreamWorks Animation SKG, where he is responsible for the strategic vision, creation and maintenance of DreamWorks CG production platform, software tools, computing infrastructure and corporate IT.

Prior to DreamWorks, Lincoln served as CTO for Electronic Arts where he established and grew Electronic Arts Mobile to a $180MM business in 3 years.  He then served as CTO for EA’s online publishing business internationally as it transitioned to a direct to consumer business model using digital distribution and in-game micro-transactions.

Lincoln joined DreamWorks in 2008 as Head of Research and Development and has led the re-architecture of DreamWorks production platform to bring scalable multicore, and cloud computing into the heart of the interactive workflows of the studio.  Lincoln was promoted to Head of Technology in August 2011.

In the 80s and 90s, Lincoln had a long academic career as a researcher and Professor at Edinburgh, Texas and Oxford University, researching and teaching mathematics and computer science.  He has a degree in Math and Physics from Durham University and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University.