USC Cinematic Arts

Sound Designer, Musician, Re-recording mixer and Lecturer, Mark Mangini has made his life's work creating unimagined worlds and fabricated sonic realities for theatrical motion pictures. Born in the suburbs of Boston, Mark dropped out of college at 19 to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in film. His first job was as cartoon sound editor at Hanna-Barbera Studios, followed by a 25-year run as owner and operator of the successful Post Sound Company, Weddington Productions Inc. His current home is at CSS Studios-Soundelux, in Hollywood.

Nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, he has worked on such notable films as: "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Gremlins", "Die Hard", "Star Trek", "Beauty and the Beast"' "Aladdin", "The Fifth Element", "The Green Mile", "Warrior", and "Jack the Giant Slayer".