USC Cinematic Arts

Matt Davis is a producer, programmer, & artist whose passion for music continuously leads him to discover new ways of interacting with performance & production technology. In addition to inventing show control solutions for live music, Matt has spent years cultivating interactive platforms for all kinds of experiential environments.

A musician since childhood, he graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Economics, then went on to study Music Production & Programming at the Berklee College of Music. Among other things, he's programmed & run Ableton Live touring rigs for Drake, The Glitch Mob, Banks, and Frank Ocean, has written custom a/v control software for Bassnectar, & done systems design for 30 Seconds to Mars, STS9, Porter Robinson, Excision, & others.

Through [namethemachine], his audio­visual project with longtime collaborator Peter Sistrom, Matt furthers his own explorations by seeking to provide fellow creators with the necessary tools for navigating an ever­converging, expanding new media space.