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Maurice is a designer, futurist, and innovator. He’s worked with startups, government agencies, renowned artists, and corporations to explore the things that will matter to them in the future and design the solutions to get them there. Maurice is currently director of strategic innovation at Autodesk and also leads Autodesk's Applied Research Lab in the Office of the CTO. Maurice and his team are responsible for helping to identify how the future will shape Autodesk, and how the company can shape the future to make our world a better place. His team’s current research focuses on advanced robotics, Internet of Things, applied machine learning, and maritime/sea-level rise. Maurice is also an explorer of geographies and cultures. He has circumnavigated the globe once and been half-way around twice. In 2009, he was awarded the Medal for Exceptional Bravery at Sea by the United Nations, the New Zealand Bravery Medal, and a U.S. Coast Guard Citation for Bravery for saving the lives of three shipwrecked sailors. Maurice lives in Muir Beach, California, where he serves his local community as a volunteer firefighter.