USC Cinematic Arts

Over the past 15 years, Alex has worked across multiple media, using each channel to their strength with the intent of creating compelling and successful projects and products.\

His work has largely been in the area of interactivity and game design, as well as visual and concept development, embracing the benefits of a transmedia approach. From the multi award winning Ceremony of Innocence to Beethoven’s Hair, to Time Tremors, to his work with MIT and the Royal Shakespeare Company, he believes there is much potential in exploring a property over a number of different media channels including web, mobile, TV, game, books, theatre, film and performance.
In recent years he has also turned his attention to creating applications that embrace strong social media elements and also creating and combining mobile, content management, communication, mobile and location based experiences. Building on these interests, he co-founded Infinity Labs with Peter Gabriel in 2007, becoming co-share holder  and creative director of and Gabble.
In this transmedia space he has built a worldwide reputation for making magical and memorable interactive experiences. He has been asked to talk and present his work at countless international conferences, festivals, companies, universities and research institutions. His work has been exhibited, taught and written about both by press and academic institutions around the world.
He now resides in Toronto Canada where he is creative director of Xenophile Media.