USC Cinematic Arts

Megan May Daalder works at the border of the past and the future using presence. She is a performance artist turned documentary filmmaker exploring unlikely relationships in a world of complex identities. She is currently working on a sci-fi documentary series called Children of the Singularity, which profiles young people raised in a culture of technological acceleration. In addition to self-initiated projects she has been a key member of the film team at NationBuilder, collaborated with her father on the development of, and worked on various education projects related to creativity, science and technology including UCLA's Sci|Art Nanolab Summer Institute and the recently piloted Future Scouts summer program. She has spoken at TEDx Gabriola Island and won the People's Choice award at the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society for her installation The Mirrorbox. This installation was also studied as a "novel tool for modulating self-other perception" at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute, in collaboration with neuroscientist Sook-Lei Lieu.