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Michael Wilkinson is a costume designer based in Los Angeles. He has a degree in Design from the National Institute of the Dramatic Arts in his hometown Sydney, Australia. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Society (AMPAS), and the Costume Designers Guild (CDG). Variety magazine recently included Wilkinson in their “Below the Line Impact” list of film-makers that have significant impact in their field of expertise.

Michael’s costume design work includes Zack Snyder’s  worldwide hit 300, and Joe Kosinski’s futuristic action movie TRON LEGACY. He was nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award and a Saturn Award for both projects. Previously, Wilkinson won the Saturn Award for his designs for  Snyder’s widely praised action thriller WATCHMEN, and was nominated for the CDG Award for his contemporary designs seen in the international ensemble drama BABEL.

His other film credits include costume designer for the fantasy action film SUCKER PUNCH, the Civil War drama JONAH HEX,  the post-aplocalytic TERMINATOR SALVATION,  and the cult-hits GARDEN STATE, AMERICAN SPLENDOR and PARTY MONSTER. Upcoming releases include the latest installment of the Superman franchise, MAN OF STEEL, and the final film of the Twilight Saga: BREAKING DAWN PART II.

Earlier in his career, Michael worked as a design assistant on Baz Luhrmann’s spectacular films MOULIN ROUGE and ROMEO + JULIET, and on the Wachowski Bros. film THE MATRIX:RELOADED.

His theater work includes award-winning costume designs for the Sydney Theater Company, Opera Australia, The Australian Dance Theater and Radio City Hall. Michael also designs commercials, and works in Special Event design – he created hundreds of costumes for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES.