USC Cinematic Arts

Ximo trained as an architect before moving into computer graphics in 1997. He worked in the Netherlands and taught at Delft University of Technology. On moving to London, he worked for Hayes Davidson and Smoothe on many large-scale animation projects, including the London 2012 Olympic bid. Since 2009 Ximo has been at Crystal CG as a Creative Director part of the team that delivered all digital content for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

Other projects Ximo has delivered include work for Mercedes Benz to launch the new Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands, Orchid House, (Lower mill estate, waterfront Landmark homes project in the Cotswolds), which featured in BBC2’s design show and several large scale productions that incorporated green screen studio shoots for projects in the middle east.

Ximo is currently overseeing production on the next suite of communication for the press for the Olympics and working on a large production in Kuwait promoting a mixed-use district in central Kuwait City. Ximo regularly lectures and presents to students as well as architects on the language and techniques of visualisation in the construction industry.