USC Cinematic Arts

Rory Fellowes has worked in the animation industry for over 40 years. He trained under Ivor Wood, working on the early episodes of The Wombles and Hattytown. In the mid-1980s Rory earned a reputation for fantastical stop-motion animation with his his work on a number of music videos and commercials. Following on from those, he created the animation sequences for Hellraiser 2: Hellbound and Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. In the mid-1990s he re-trained in computer animation. Since then he has worked on TV series, commercials, and feature films such as Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets and the cult classic Free Jimmy. He is currently working as a consultant with special interest in the Dublin based VFX industry.

Rory is also a Creative Director of The Atlantic Screen Group, heading up the company in Ireland. The company has funded the music scores for Great Expectations, Two Guns, Lone Survivor, and the ground breaking Stephen Poliakoff BBC drama series Dancing On The Edge. He is also a writer, with plays, screenplays, fiction and songs to his credit.