USC Cinematic Arts

Sherine Salama is an award winning documentary filmmaker and former journalist for the ABC TV. She has a particular interest in the refugee experience and is known for immersing herself in situations, offering her viewers: a unique, intimate, and evocative picture of life as experienced by the people in her films.  She likes to think of the camera as an extension of her hand and personality, and although her style is observational, her interaction with her ‘subjects’ invariably creates a bond based on a shared experience.

Her first foray in to multimedia with SBS TV, where she followed the day-to-day lives and stories of three residents of the Zataari refugee camp in Jordan over a period of one month, was the world’s first real-time interactive documentary based out of a refugee camp, and was nominated for an international Webby award, a UN Media Peace Prize and an Amnesty International Media Award.