USC Cinematic Arts

Since 1995, Mark Stetson has been supervising visual effects for feature films. He won a BAFTA Award for visual effects for his debut effort on Luc Besson’s 'The Fifth Element', an Academy Award® and a second BAFTA for Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring', and a third Academy Award® Nomination and a third BAFTA Award Nomination for his work on Bryan Singer’s 'Superman Returns'. • Mark spent the first half of his 30-year career learning the arts and technologies of visual effects, as that field transitioned from its electro-mechanical/photo-chemical traditions into the digital age. He specialized in miniature effects, working on such films as 'Blade Runner', 'Brainstorm', 'The Right Stuff', 'Ghostbusters', '2010' (for which he received his first Academy Award® Nomination), 'Die Hard', 'Dick Tracy', 'Total Recall' (for which he received his first Saturn Award Nomination), 'Batman Returns', 'The Hudsucker Proxy', 'Interview with the Vampire', and 'True Lies'. • Stetson studied industrial design at the University of Bridgeport, CT, from 1972 – 1974, and Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA, from 1975 – 1978.