USC Cinematic Arts

Connecting with the Future will be held Thursday March 29th, from 9:30am - 10:45 am. It is the third session in a series presented in collaboration with 5D: The Future of Immersive Design, at the 2012 USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Long Beach.

This year's panel will complement the work from the past two years, where immersive design-thinking, collaboration, and theatre experiences were explored. The world of narrative design is changing fast. Immersive Design leads to deeper engagement for the audience and doing so means a shift in how designers think and work together. Three-dimensional projections, real time manipulation, and trans-media interactions are dynamic tools for the stage.

Connecting with the Future will feature key pioneers who are incorporating cutting edge technology and collaboration techniques into the performing arts in truly innovative ways.


  • Panelist:
    Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute