USC Cinematic Arts

ALEX MCDOWELL, creative director of 5D GlobalStudio and professor at USC Cinematic Arts, Media Arts and Practice gives the Keynote presentation at the Cinegrid international Workshop 2013, Calit2/ UCSD in San Diego, on Monday December 9th 2013.

Cinegrid is devoted to building an interdisciplinary community that is focused on the research, development, and demonstration of networked collaborative tools to enable the production, use, preservation, and exchange of very-high-quality digital media over photonic networks 

In 'Re-imagining Story' Alex McDowell will address the future of imagination, authorial collaboration and narrative design through emergent technologies and world building practices.


  • Speaker:
    Alex McDowell RDI
    Creative Director,; Professor, USC SCA; Director, World Building Media Lab, World Building Institute