USC Cinematic Arts

Anrick is a director specialising in Virtual Reality and Interactive Film. His work explores how narrative and technology can complement each other to create a new kind of story.

His latest project is a Virtual Reality film made for and Stella Artois, exploring the subject of water poverty. Filmed in the South of Honduras, viewers get a sense of the difference access to clean water can make. The 360° combines 1st person pov footage with shots taken from a drone-mounted camera rig.

He also recently worked with PBS to launch an interactive web documentary filmed in a small town in Northern Greenland, called The Most Northern Place. It tells the story of a conflict of territory during the run-up to the Cold War, which resulted in the forced the relocation of the native Inuit population to make space for a mysterious U.S. Army base.

Previously, he has collaborated with renowned Japanese director Koji Morimoto and Studio 4c to make Attraction, an interactive Anime discouraging teens from smoking.

And he wrote and directed Find Your Way To Oz, commissioned by Google, a WebGL powered virtual journey to the land of Oz, which won Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Year.