USC Cinematic Arts

Content Designer, Digital Media Project Manager and Scholar, operating in the fields of art, design, communication and technology. Franz had more than 16 years of experience in the areas of digital media, interactive technology, virtual reality, simulation, stereoscopy, visualization systems and immersive technology.

He has designed and produced a representative number of  works, including: immersive real time simulations, virtual reality applications (3D stereoscopic content), online collaborative shared environments, interactive installations, multi-user systems interfaces, creative interfaces and multi-user interactive installation (VR and Augmented Reality).

Current Area of  Research Interest and  Development

- Ultra High Definition immersive virtual reality (4K Stereo and 8K mono)
- Ultra High Definition Imaging distributed on optic network (UHD-NET)
- Haptic perception, intuitive navigation and interaction in immersive virtual environment user experience

- Bridging  and  intersecting  design, architecture, technology. and Science
- Digital design imbedded in physical structures
- Integrating  artificial (Virtual) and augmented reality into  physical (Real) environment
- Intersecting  “Real” and  “Virtual” architecture
- Virtual  augmented Windows
- Immersive audio-visual interfaces

Awards, scholarships (Selected)
1995: Interactive Art Honorable Mention Prize, Prix Ars Electronica, at Ars Electronic Center, Linz, Austria, for the project, “Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa.”
1997: Recipient, Foreign Title Award in the Theater and Exhibition Section, Multimedia Grand Prix'97, Japan, for the "Multi Mega Book in the CAVE"
1999: Recipient, Interactive Art Honorable Mention Prize for Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronic Center, Linz, Austria, for "Robots Avatars Dealing with Virtual Illusions".
Scholarships (Selected)
1979: Scholarship for Education, Foundation of Science and Culture from Baden Würtenberg, Germany

Artist/Design in residence ( selected)
1995 The Medienmuseum ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany
1996 The Medienmuseum ZKM|Zentrum für Kunst and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany
1997 Electronic Visualization Laboratory [EVL], School of Art & Design University of Illinois at Chicago [UIC]
1997 Ars Electronica, AEC Electronic, Linz, Austria
2012. NLM Lab, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering  University of Essex,  UK, support  by the European-network VISIONAIR (VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research)  articulated by  23 cutting edge and innovative partners/member  across 12  European countries.