USC Cinematic Arts

On July 9th, 5D|The Future of Immersive Design in Europe will present a special panel at Mundos Digitales, an international conference on Animation, VFX, Videogames & Digital Architecture, in A Coruña, Spain. “The Embedded Narrative: Evolving Perspectives on Immersive Design” features a 5D panel of experts with each providing a unique view of the evolving world of design.

Storytelling is becoming pervasive in our architecture, products, public spaces and narrative-based entertainment environments, real and virtual. Designers are learning to embed story, both useful and playful, along life’s pathways – from coordinated signage in London to museum walks in Madrid to interactive entertainment across the globe.
As we design immersive experiences, we are learning to achieve synergies amongst diverse resources through collaborative and spatial work environments which, themselves, are becoming immersive.