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Plantec, an internationally recognized authority in digital entertainment, is a frequent speaker at universities and professional conferences worldwide. His books on 3D animation and Virtual Human Design have been best sellers and he has been featured with his virtual human Sylvie on television shows, both in the US and Europe. His topics range from blending artistry and technology to virtual-human and animated character personality design. Being also a clinical psychologist, Plantec speaks with authority in this realm.

He currently sits on the Board of Associates and the program board of FMX, Europe's largest digital entertainment Conference, where he curates and hosts the Virtual Humans Forum. Plantec also co-chair's Mundos Digitales in La Caruna Spain, that country's most prominent digital entertainment conference. In addition Plantec is one of the original group that organized and founded the 5D movement in production design, and is a member of their founder's group. Plantec has written feature articles for Perspective, the magazine of the Art Director's Guild.

He is currently Contributing Editor at in New York where his Blog is both controversial and popular.
Plantec lives high in the Rockies near Aspen, with his wife, a bunch of Koi and their trail dog Cody.