USC Cinematic Arts

Frostbite is the advanced game engine that powers Battlefield 3.   Vitz is currently focusing on gen4 technology including advanced shaders, lighting, physics driven animation and game play.

Frank Vitz has a long history working in the field of digital visual content creation specializing in solving visual problems to create exciting experiences across a wide range of applications.

He has extensive experience in digital visual content creation, visual effects supervision, art direction, project management, and systems design.
As well as rendering, compositing, motion control, motion capture, facial performance capture, human interface design, HDRI methods, 3D scanning, exotic presentation formats, and procedural animation methods

His interest lies in projects that push the envelope of visual effects, where he foresaw and is now contributing to the convergence of technologies currently underway in the movie and gaming industries.

Vitz worked has worked on on a wide range of projects from the original Tron movie, to Xmen1 and 2, Stargate the movie, the Adventures of Spiderman theme park ride film, and more recently a whole series of video games and real time graphics technology at Electronic Arts.